Wing Chun Kung Fu

Ages 15 and up

The Canadian Wing Chun Kung Fu Assosiation has been succesfully training students accross Canada since 1981. Schools in the CWCKFA teach a complete version of Wing Chun that embraces the best of both traditional and modified (hard and soft) versions of the art.


Wing Chun is a scientific and street wise system of self defense. All angles and positions are specifically designed for maximum speed and effectivness in defense or counter attack.


Simplicity is the overarching principle of Wing Chun and no impractical moves can be found in the system. Maintaining forward intention and keeping it simple will allow you to maximize speed, and end conflicts with the least effort possible. As students progress from beginners to advanced, they learn a lot of techniques but also learn the art of doing less for maximized speed, power and self control.


Our Wing Chun classes do much more than teach self defense. Regular training can refresh the body, mind, and spirit in a way no other activity can. Classes are carefully designed to awaken your whole body, focus and relax your mind, and bring you fully inside your own skin.


Along with stretching and conditioning, we teach real world self defense in a fun and exciting way that brings every student to a higher level of confidence, self esteem, and personal empowerment.


You can learn more about the Wing Chun system and its history in our LEARNING CENTER.


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