"Indomitable spirit is your companion on your Black Belt journey!” - unknown



Why am I learning Kung Fu? 

By: Sifu James Heinrich
Even if you have not yet faced martial arts challenges, sooner or later you will. Your training will bring you face to face with some
of your personal limitations, we all have some! The limitations in your personal journey may be the physical limits of your strength, endurance, flexibility, or coordination. An injury may force you to slow down, modify your techniques, or skip a class or two.
Your challenges may also be mental obstacles that cause you to be impatient with your lack of improvement, frustration at your inability to master a form, or even boredom from the seemingly endless repetition.
You’ll face these challenges in real life too! Some examples could be stress at work or school, strained relationships, chores and all other things that make up our lives.
In the course of your training, the challenges you encounter in the class and in life will frustrate you again and again. They may cause you to question why you press on. The key to getting past the challenges in your training is to train with indomitable spirit. Indomitable spirit is a combination of inner strength and commitment. It’s what keeps us the 1st-place marathon runner going until they cross the finish line, long after the crowds have gone home. Indomitable spirit is confidence and a winning attitude. Indomitable spirit is infinite patience. Keep this in mind in class today, this week, and throughout your journey to Black Belt and beyond.
See you on the mat!


Sifu James Heirnich is the chief Instructor and owner of Great Way Martial Arts in Kelowna BC. Visit his website at www.greatwayma.ca 

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