Sihing Justin Snowden

Head Instructor

Wing Chun Level 9

After training hard in class for a number of years and seeing the benefits of training in his own life, Justin began teaching so he could help others reach their training goals as well. Justin loves guiding students on their martial arts journey. His classes are fun and a great workout!

Sihing Chris Siemens

Instructor & Enrollment Director

Wing Chun Level 9


After having spent 5 years attending various gyms throughout Kitchener Waterloo region, Chris was ready to try something new. With no previous martial arts experience, a friend suggested that he try Wing Chun Kung Fu and recommended Breakthrough as a good place to start. After the first week of classes Chris was hooked on the discipline and has been training hard ever since.

"What I appreciate most is that in addition to gaining both strength and flexibility from Wing Chun, there is also the benefit of greater self control and patience. I am able to quiet my mind and increase my focus on tasks both at work and in my personal life. I look forward to attending class, whether as a student or an instructor, and I am proud to be a member of the Breakthrough family."



Sihing Dalai Setiawan


Wing Chun Level 7


Dalai has been heavily involved with martial arts for pretty much his entire life. He trained with his father growing up and started Karate when he was 3. He trained in Shaolin Kung Fu for about 4 years and has been a big part of the Breakthrough family since 2012. Dalai is a natural leader and a fantastic instructor. His passion for Kung Fu is contagious and is obvious with every class he teaches.

"I've always liked Breakthrough because of the high energy classes and the fact that we're one big family. I love training and teaching martial arts because of how it impacts every other area of your life!"



Sihing David Lehman

Jr Instructor

Wing Chun Level 4

Bio Coming Soon!



Sifu Robert Rinas

Chief Instructor & Grading Board Examiner

Wing Chun Level 10

Sifu has been practicing martial arts for over 17 years. He began his training in his hometown of Kelowna, BC at Great Way Martial Arts. From his first class he knew Wing Chun was a unique martial art that anyone and everyone could benefit from. After training and teaching for years in Kelowna he relocated to Ontario and opened Breakthrough Kitchener. After the birth of his daughter, he and his wife returned to BC and opened Breakthrough Vernon. He returns to Kitchener every 4 months for belt tests, gradings, and to work with the students and instructors here. While in Ontario Sifu also trained in other styles of martial arts and self defense.

"My passion for the martial arts stems from the many success stories I hear from students and parents of students who's lives have positively changed through training. Kung Fu to me is not about the punching and kicking, the yelling and jumping, it's about the increased self confidence and belief that is a natural byproduct of regular training. I look forward to meeting and training with you!"

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