Wing Chun Terminology


Wing Chun                                   Beautiful Spring time

Kung Fu                                        Hard work, well done (accomplishment through hard work)


Sifu                                                Teacher, Master, Father

Sigung                                          Teacher's teacher, Grandmaster, Grandfather

Sihing                                            Sinior student, Older brother

Sidai                                              Jonior student, Younger brother

Sije                                                Sinior (female) student, Older sister


Sil Lum Tao                                  Little Idea (the basics)

Chum Kil                                      Seeking the bridge

Bil Jee                                           Darting/shooting fingers

Mook Jung                                   Wooden Dummy


Sao                                                Hand

Gerk                                              Foot/Leg

Chi Sao                                         Sticking hands

Kwoon                                          Training room, Academy


Wu Sao                                         Guard hand

Pak Sao                                        Slapping/palm hand

Bil Sao                                          Darting/shooting hand

Tan Sao                                        Palm up/dispersing hand

Huen Sao                                     Circle hand

Fook Sao                                      Controlling hand

Bon Sao                                       Wing hand

Gon Sao                                       Low hand

Gum Sao                                      Pinning hand

Fut Sao                                         Swinging hand

Jut Sao                                          Jerky hand

Lop Sao                                        Grabbing/pulling hand

Chuen Sao                                   Threading hand

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